Wednesday, August 11, 2010

3 things that make me happy

Hello my friends here I am I know I have kind of been hiding a little but you would be glad to know that I am still around and scraping......

Well, anyways on to the good stuff I made this 3 tier handing picture thing for a friend. I really enjoyed making it for him, I had a hard time thinking of what I could make for him. I just love flowers and ribbon and all the girly stuff which of course I couldn't use for him. Once I started to do this for him everything just flowed through and the outcome came out to be perfect. I used a lot of metal, sanding and and painting to ruff it up a little and make it as manly as I could. the first tier it reads, 3 thins that make me happy and which are his mom and 2 sisters.
Now I just can't wait to do this for my 3 kids, which is hopefully soon then I'll post. Hope you guys like it!!!!

Very short post today I know however I am off to finish dinner, or should I say start dinner.... We had a very long day today first of school was today and as most sahm know how thoughs can be especially when it short day. Just don't have time for anything.